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Mosaic Challenge: Poolside Table #2

Posted in Crafts by humanb on March 25, 2013

In September I made my mother-in-law a poolside mosaic tabletop out of thick MDF to cover one of two large wooden planters that she wasn’t using in her backyard.


It was one of the simplest projects I’ve done for her and it ended up being the most popular because she uses it all the time. She found it so practical that she asked me to make her another one for her second planter.

There was only one problem though: tiles. In the heat of my mosaic craft fury, I’d bought plenty of tesserae in various sizes, and I still have tons of 1 cm square (and even smaller) tile. What I don’t have are 10 cm square artist-grade ceramic tile like the turquoise ones pictured above. Those have a great watery effect and mirror the pool water brilliantly.

So I had to settle for bathroom tile at the local hardware store. The dark blue and white tile pictured above are actually bathroom tile, but they’ve been elevated by the turquoise and tiny matching edge tiles. This second piece would only benefit from artist-grade edge tile.

The other problem was choosing a color. The local hardware store had tiles in bold, crayon-like colors, but the brighter the color, the cheaper the tile looked. My only option was to go for something colorful enough to have some impact, but subdued enough to not attract attention for its cheapness.

Here’s my choice:


I’m not sure what the color is, but I deliberately chose pinker edge tiles to bring out the rose-coloured hue. The design is an exact replica of the first mosaic.


I chose a grey-coloured grout again, as the deck chairs have silver legs.


I think this new mosaic does a nice job of complementing the original without saying too much on its own.


The color isn’t exactly echoed in the natural surroundings, but it’s similar enough, I think.


Not at all bad for two days work. 😉

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