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The Fast Diet: Success!

Posted in Health & Medicine by humanb on March 21, 2013

It’s Friday (in Australia), and so ends Week 2 on the 5:2 Diet, a.k.a., The Fast Diet.

How I Went

This week I ‘fasted’ on Monday and Thursday and I worked ten-hour shifts in the ER on both days. I had no more than the prescribed 500 calories – opting for more calories for breakfast one day, and more calories for dinner the other day.

And I didn’t cheat. No midnight double Scotches or anything.

I still had a headache by the end of each day and a vague light-headedness, but the light-headedness always settled by the early evening when my body finally realised that it wasn’t going to get a Snickers bar.

To my delight, this week I didn’t wake up at 4 am with the shakes and scarf down my husband’s Pork Surprise or another peanut butter sandwich. I slept through the night and felt fine when I woke up.

And to my surprise, I haven’t been starving the day after a fast. I fasted on Thursday, and today I thought I’d want heaps to eat, but after a spoonful of peanut butter, it took me more than an hour to finish a peach.


But not nearly as much as my weight this morning after only two weeks on the diet.


Starting Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Ideal Body Weight: 52 kg (115 lbs)

After Week One: 57 kg (126 lbs)


Today’s weight:



55.4 kg = 122 lbs. That’s a 6 pound (2.6 kg) weight loss in only two weeks.

Please ignore my veiny feet and celebrate with me the power of self-discipline! (For two non-consecutive days a week, anyway.)

Cause let’s face it. You won’t be seeing me counting my calories on a regular basis. But that’s the beauty of this diet. You can eat normally for 5 days out of the week, but because you restrict your calories so severely for two days, you don’t really feel like overeating the other five days. Your body gets used to consuming less. That doesn’t mean I’m motivated to eat the right foods all the time. I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I love bread and dairy. But I suppose I’m now more mindful of how many calories a particular food will carry.

When you’re trying to find something to eat on a ‘fast’ day, you’re looking for something filling but low in calories. That inevitably means that you will not be eating much carbohydrate. Cereal, bread and fruit take up far too many calories and just don’t satiate. Two cups of soup, a can of tuna, a boiled egg – these are your best options. And vegetables of course, but then you have to start weighing things with a kitchen scale. Ugh.

This is now sounding a bit like The Atkins Diet and plenty of other diets that advocate low carbs. I suppose it is a form of low-carb diet, but just for two days a week.

So if you don’t want to ‘fast’ at all – consider taking the toast out of breakfast, the chips out of lunch, and the potatoes (or rice) out of dinner.

You might be surprised by the results. 😉


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  1. Anonymous said, on March 22, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Wow! I will try it next week!

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