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Bathroom Scales are Evil

Posted in Health & Medicine by humanb on March 14, 2013

Do not trust this scale.


Today is my official weigh-in day one week after starting the The Fast Diet, but I weighed myself yesterday since I’d fasted a day early and got these results:


Starting Weight: 58 kilos (128 lbs)

Yesterday’s Weight (1 week later after 3 fast days): 59 kilos (130 lbs)


I’m still scratching my head about that one kilogram weight gain. How is it humanly possible to eat only 500 calories for three days out of seven and gain 1 kilo (2.2 lbs)?!

So I weighed myself again this morning. As per usual, I weighed myself the moment I got out of bed after a wee.

Here’s what I got:


Starting Weight: 58 kilos (128 lbs)

Yesterday: 59 kilos (130 lbs)

Today: 57.9 kilos (128 lbs)


Okay. So I’m actually neutral. So yesterday was a fluke?

Let’s try this again. I stepped back on the scale:

56.6 kilos


And again:

56.5 kilos

And again, after my morning coffee:

57.5 kilos

Someone help here!

So I took a break and had another coffee, surfed the internet, etc. Let’s try again:

58.5 kilos

This is getting ridiculous. Maybe the scale is dirty and off-balance. Let’s move it to the kitchen, make sure it’s balanced on the tiles, and give it a good wipe:


That reads 57 kilos (126 lbs), which would mean that I’ve actually lost 1 kilogram (2 pounds) in the past week after all.

Bloody hell. Alright, I’m going with 57 kilos then. That seems to be the most likely. And anyway, if you averaged out all of those weights above, you’d get 57.3. Yeah I know, scales don’t work that way, but who knows if this scale even works. I believe that I’m 57 kilos!

And that’s the thing. I felt like I’d lost weight, so I was certain that I’d be lighter. So I’m gonna go ahead and call my first week a success now.

The problem with this experiment, of course, is that I’m looking for incremental weight loss here. I only have 6 kilos to lose, so one half to one kilo of weight loss (or gain) is significant. The other problem is that everyone’s weight, like their blood pressure, varies throughout the day, subject to water retention, diet and god knows what else. (I’m a junior doctor, not a genius.) So it all becomes very tricky.

But for the moment, my faith in The Fast Diet is restored. My faith in my bathroom scale is another matter.


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