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Back to Kindergarten: Building Block Art

Posted in Art, Crafts, Home improvement by humanb on September 25, 2012

My re-design of my mother-in-law’s front porch was not complete until I had addressed the large expanse of bare brick wall at its far end, where the freshly painted white cabinet stood alone.

Continuing the theme of my driftwood piece, I wanted to fashion a piece of art made entirely of found or scrap wood.

After scouring the car port and garage for unused deck wood, garden posts, and the like, I gathered all of the scraps of MDF, balsa wood, and untreated pine left over from my previous craft projects.

For paint, I used the small tubs of craft paint that I had happened to take over to the house, as well as the paint she’d used to paint her front door red.

Here’s the result:

The frame is the same as the one used for my driftwood piece – part of the packaging from my mother-in-law’s new kitchen oven. Again, I stained it the same charcoal colour as the mosaic frame, bench seat, driftwood frame, and little side tables.

The brown ribbed wood was purposely left unpainted to identify it easily as parts of the pool deck. The other blocks were painted in only a few colours to give it some life without too much chaos.

The front end of the porch was rather busy – with a mosaic bench, a mosaic house number and the driftwood piece. Given the simplicity of the block art, I decided to go for a subdued, more minimalist design for this end of the porch.

For seating at this end, I found two gorgeous, well-crafted wooden chairs for $25 from Australia’s version of the Good Will: Vinnies.

The old birdcage from Tunisia was also repainted in its original crisp white with pale blue highlights, offering a dramatic contrast with the charcoal-stained side table. I don’t know that anyone will actually be spending much time on the porch – even with my redesign – so I’m not too concerned about the impracticality of a birdcage on the table.

No, I’m not too concerned about anything at this stage, because I’m pretty sure I could call this front porch done if I wanted to!

Of course, there are still a few smaller brick walls remaining…


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  1. bodhisattvaintraining said, on September 25, 2012 at 7:12 am

    so lovely!

    • humanb said, on September 25, 2012 at 7:17 am

      Thanks so much. 🙂

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