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Mosaic Challenge: Poolside Table

Posted in Crafts, Home improvement by humanb on September 23, 2012

With plenty of bathroom and mosaic tile left in my stock, and my new woodcutting abilities (courtesy of my kick-ass jigsaw), I was on the hunt last week for another project.

Two days before my mother-in-law was due back from overseas, I turned my attention to her backyard which, to be honest, is already beautiful, but with a few exceptions. Her kidney-shaped pool is surrounded by wood decking which is fairly expansive as it runs towards the house. Despite an abundance of outdoor furniture on patios and the far deck, the larger area of deck towards the house is quite bare. Wasted space, really.  Two lonely chairs made of wicker and stainless steel – uncharacteristically ugly for her backyard – float in the middle of the deck, side by side, with no table for drinks between them.

Et voilà. A table!

The backyard also has two large wooden box planters with no plants inside them – perfect for a table base. All one of them needed was a a slab of wood cut to size, with small squares cut out of the corners. Pfft. Easy. Haven’t I done this before?

In one day, I had cut the wood with my jigsaw and planned my design with mosaic and bathroom tile. I glued and grouted the piece the following morning. Here’s the result:

What I love about this project is that it enabled me to use those turquoise tiles – a previously regrettable purchase. Their color turned out to be a perfect match with the pool. And the deep blue tile around the edges nicely echoed the blue of the distant flower pot on the other side of the deck. To better connect the unfortunate steel and wicker chairs with their surroundings, I chose a grey grout that matches the steel of the chair legs perfectly.

The combination of turquoise and white tile here has a bit more of a bathroom feel to it, which would normally be unacceptable for an art piece, but is tolerable in this case, as it’s a pool-side mosaic.

The table top is solid, but not too heavy to be removed to access storage.

It’s not the prettiest mosaic on its own, but it works brilliantly in its environment. It gives the large expanse of deck a bit of interest, keeps the steel and wicker chairs from looking completely out-of-place, and offers a practical surface to place a drink, all while hiding storage items inside the planter.


Next up: Back to the front porch (and to childhood) with art from building blocks


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