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The Not So Grand Bazaar

Posted in Foreign Impressions, Travel by humanb on March 24, 2012

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is not what it once was.

Gone are the diversity, originality and specialist craftsmanship.

Hello, mass production.

Every third shop sells identical bowls.

And just as many shops sell overpriced scarves of variable beauty and quality.

Lamp shops are just as ubiquitous.

Yet, while original pieces are few and far between, the illuminated glassware is still lovely to behold.

Jewellery is just as popular, and only a bit more varied at the Bazaar.

Some of the merchandise would look more at home in a low-end department store however.

But a few shops sell genuinely interesting antiques – including toys.

Overall, once you’ve visited a single scarf, lamp and bowl shop, you’ve seen most of what’s for sale.

The Spice Market was no different.

One spice, nut, or Turkish Delight shop was no different from the next.

And few spice piles looked disturbed, leaving me wondering if locals shopped for spices at the Market.

I did buy a bowl in the end, along with a few necklaces and scarves for relatives, and a small piece of pistachio Turkish Delight.

It took me a while to find a bowl that looked unique.

I was pretty sure this was the only one of its kind.

It’s not really my style.

But it’s a happy reminder of a wonderful city and its fun, though not so grand, bazaar.


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