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Tiananmen Square

Posted in Foreign Impressions, Travel by humanb on March 17, 2012

It was a rainy day in May last year when we walked from our hutong to Tiananmen Square. When I look over the pictures from that day, I see a recurring theme…

Is his red perch for better viewing? Or to force him to stay in one place? Or to lend formality to his duties?

It’s possible that he’s telling me not to take his picture.

But we don’t speak the same language.

Further ahead…

This guy seemed to keep his eyes facing straight ahead.

Was he actually monitoring things, or was his mere presence the intended deterrent?

Arriving at Tiananmen Gate…

There was a decent crowd of people outside the Gate – mainly Chinese tourists, I think.

The Gate had its guards too.

Was he annoyed that I was taking his photo? Or just miserable because he was cold and wet?

Maybe he was sleepy, like this guy…

It’s probably a pretty boring gig for a security guard – especially on a quiet, overcast day.

Or not.

One minute, we saw a few people silently handing out flyers…

And the next minute, a white van suddenly appeared. From the crowd, a man in plain clothes stepped forward and ushered the people with flyers into the hands of armed authorities inside the van.

It was all very orderly and hush, hush.

I didn’t dare photograph that incident.

But after the van had gone…

… it was like it had never been.


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