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Beijing Yum

Posted in Foreign Impressions, Race & Ethnicity, Travel by humanb on March 16, 2012

Black Americans eat Chinese food like it’s going out of style. It’s the one foreign restaurant guaranteed to have a home in any black neighbourhood. Despite this, I wasn’t expecting to love the food in Beijing since people are always insisting that the Chinese joints in America are thoroughly Westernized. “Chinese people don’t eat this kind of food,” people always say.

Well there wasn’t a meal in Beijing I didn’t love.

We explored Beijing in May, before the beginning of tourist season, so we often wandered into diners patronised exclusively by locals.

It was refreshing going to a restaurant in a major world city where no one spoke English and where the menus offered no English translations. Fortunately, Beijing menus are like Vogue magazine: 100 pages thick and dominated by colorful pictures. We did a lot of smiling and pointing. The food was great.

My opinion of Beijing food is somewhat skewed though (pun intended), given that I didn’t try any of the food on offer at one of the inner-city markets on the way to Tiananmen Square.

The scorpions on those sticks are alive and wriggling. They die when they hit the deep fryer.

I didn’t try the spiders, lizards or other insects on offer either.

This guy seemed pretty psyched to get his meat on a stick, which didn’t look half bad.

And I should’ve tried what looked like caramelized fruit, since I’ve got a wicked sweet tooth (with a big cavity in the middle).

Dare I admit to the stereotype? I do like me some watermelon, but who doesn’t apparently?

I don’t think I ate at this restaurant in our hutong. I just liked the picture of the cook.

Next up: Made (and sold) in China

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