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Art Break: Home

Posted in Art by humanb on December 22, 2010

My mother spent her birthday here in Sydney and her present this year was something I knew she’d love: a painting of her house in Virginia. The house is our first house after decades of apartment life, and the only home her grandchildren have ever known. I was even married in the house, on the front lawn. A local band played on the porch, and our next door neighbor happened to be a preacher, so he walked over to preside over the service. A few tables with umbrellas were situated on the lawn along with a small wooden dance floor. And our own barbecue grill was rolled out to the driveway for the cook from a local barbecue joint to use for making pulled pork. It was a great wedding.

So the house has special meaning for us.

Pastel on paper, 26'' x 16''

I did the picture in pastel. I had originally tried to paint it in oil, but that was a spectacular failure. I’m still learning pastel painting at the same time as my drawing develops, so there are some serious problems with this picture. But I like how the picture commands your attention. You can appreciate it close-up and at a distance, for what it is. It’s naive but it’s got impact. I’m getting better with light. And the place looks cheerful and serene.

But my favorite part of the painting is the inclusion of my mother’s grandchildren:

Pastel on paper, detail

They’re crudely portrayed but I’m working with thick and chalky colored sticks on a small scale. What I love about this section is how so few lines so clearly suggest each girl. You know which one is which. I think they’ll love seeing themselves painted with bright colors in a picture hanging on their dining room wall.

But what I love most about this picture, is that if my family should ever decide to move from here, they’ll never leave that house behind.

Happy birthday Mom. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous said, on December 27, 2010 at 9:15 am

    What a surprise! This beautiful pastel is currently being framed and will be hung in my dinning room.

    It was my best birthday ever – 2nd only to the one in New York!


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