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When TV dies

Posted in American Culture & Politics, Habits & Manners by humanb on October 29, 2010

Around midday on Sunday a storm hit Sydney Harbour. The lightning struck so loudly at one point that I was sure something close by had been hit.

It had.

Bye, bye shiny, flat-screen, surround-sound, gazillion-inch TV.

Bye bye.

I wasn’t too upset by it. It’s under warranty. And gone are the days of childhood when I would watch TV from the moment I got home from school until bedtime – starting with General Hospital, my favorite soap opera. These days I tend to think TV is destroying America. I only have one, and on principle hope to never buy a second. They suck up your electricity and creativity, depress your mood and metabolism, and ultimately render you inert – mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

The TV fried on Sunday. It’s now Friday. The repairman is coming with a replacement on Saturday. Or a loaner, not sure. (How pathetic can we be if we require loaners to get by?) Anyway, in the week that passed, life went on as usual with nothing missing that really mattered. Instead, there was something new.

The first night without TV, my husband and I went to take our depressing dinner trays to the couch, only to realize that it felt a bit strange facing a shiny dead screen.

Uh… shall we eat at the table? – I ask, uncertain.



[He’s thinking…]


There was wine. Candles. Cool mood lighting. Conversation. We always have conversation, mind you, but this conversation was different. More confessional. More conspiratorial. There was just something in the air that night.

Or at least something not in the background.

We used the table again the second night. And maybe the third, I forget. But the point is, there was no interference. Just music.

And after dinner I seemed to notice him in the room more, noticed that we were together, spending time, even if we weren’t talking.

Life can be sweet when the TV dies.

Of course, it ain’t footy season.

So it’s no skin off my nose not having a TV on a Friday night.

And I don’t have any weeknight line-ups I just MUST watch. Those days are long gone. Good riddance. I may have caught an episode of 30 Rock during dinner in the past or watched a home renovation show to avoid studying. But I could take ’em or leave ’em.

And of course I live in Australia, so to get the latest Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men or Friday Night Lights, you have to hit the torrents.  You don’t need a TV – you need a computer. And ours is 22 inches wide.

So really there’s only one reason I need that TV.

Brenda is back.

And I’ve got 5 recorded episodes of General Hospital piled up to watch so I can see what she’s been up to.

That TV guy better show up tomorrow.

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  1. Bridge said, on October 29, 2010 at 5:17 am

    When TV dies, buy a new one! Walmart is open 24hrs.

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