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Posted in Habits & Manners, iPic by humanb on April 17, 2010

I snapped this pic with my iPhone as discreetly as possible while on a bus in Sydney.

I assumed this guy’s hairdo was a fashion statement. I wish men wouldn’t make fashion statements, but never mind.

But now I wonder. What if it wasn’t? Should I have said something?

My short hair is always in excruciatingly tight order à la Emily Dickinson. My husband says I look like a band member from Kraftwerk. So last week at the hospital I went to the bathroom after a tutorial to find that I had a sizeable chunk of hair sticking straight up in the air. No doubt this piece had been blown out-of-place by a forceful wind, but was still stiff enough from hair paste to stay stuck pointing north.

I was shocked and hurt that none of my classmates, nor the tutor with whom I was friendly, saw fit to tell me. Could they possibly have thought it was purposeful?!!!

I blame that guy on the bus (and others like him) for confusing the matter.


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