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A shift in focus

Posted in Miscellaneous by humanb on April 12, 2010

I saw the film Julie & Julia last night, somewhat reluctantly. I had an idea what the movie would be like and I wasn’t wrong, but I was surprised by how much it moved me. Meryl Streep was, per usual, riveting to watch, and despite my lack of enthusiasm for cooking and my complete lack of familiarity with Julia Child, I loved the film. Very well done and highly recommended.

The film had another surprising effect on me as a blogger. The film was about a real-life blogger who attained incredible success and a life transformation by blogging. I’m not looking for either by blogging. I blog for the equally self-centered reason of simply wanting to unload my thoughts, and I blog rather than keep a journal on the off-chance that someone cares about those thoughts. But I realized that the thoughts I’ve been unloading have been chaotically random. As a result, the blog lacks identity, lacks focus. It’s political activism, health messages, reflections on being an American expat in Australia, movie reviews, food reviews, and whinges and gripes. It’s everything and nothing.

The blog was named “human behavior” for a reason. I was initially interested in reflecting on just that – how humans behave – because of a singular preoccupation with wanting to personally behave better by learning from the good and bad behavior I see every day. I initially wanted to blog every day, but as my subjects started to wander, my posts started to morph into longer expositions that I thought deserved a certain degree of craftsmanship at the expense of relevance.

So I’m going back to the beginning. I’ll attempt to do what Julie did in the film: write a more focused blog about a single idea, and write every day (or close to it). That means my posts will be shorter and always discussing directly a particular human decision or action I saw or considered that day. I may not offer an interpretation of that behavior. I may leave that to you. Like Julia, “you” is probably only my mother at this stage.

So here I go. I hope you like it Mom.  🙂

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