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Posted in American Culture & Politics, Health & Medicine by humanb on March 12, 2010

That’s the number of people who lost their health insurance every hour in 2009.

Anyone out there who voted for Obama and then tuned out of politics needs to tune back in this week. You can’t lead him into battle for your causes and then walk away. Get his back. I’ve got it.

Call your Representative this week and tell him or her to support healthcare reform and pass the bill in the House. I did.

I just called my representative in Virginia, Glen Nye. I called his D.C. office from SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA for goodness sakes. If I can call from Sydney, you can call.

You don’t have to care about politics. Care about your relative who is sick, or your friend who is out of work, or your child who is too young to vote but old enough to want a decent future.

Care about Americans.

Get off your ass and act now.

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