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From Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Posted in American Culture & Politics, Travel by humanb on January 2, 2010

There isn’t much to say about the Grand Canyon. It’s impossible to describe what can’t be contained in your field of vision. The mind boggles. The eyes deceive. You don’t know what you’re seeing. It’s deeper than you think. Wider. Longer. Grander.

It’s awesome in its immensity.

It’s stunning in its ever-changing play with the sun.

It’s unpredictable in its heterogeneity.

And it’s heavenly in the snow.

National Park forest surrounds Grand Canyon along its rims. In snow, the forest is unspeakably serene.

The Park offers trails along the rim for appreciating the Canyon without hiking down. Some trails can be demanding in winter, but great fun, and bewitching in their beauty.

Elk leisurely walk along the trails.

But inevitably abandon them in their hunt for food beneath the snow.

We spent only one night and one day at Grand Canyon National Park – not remotely enough to comprehend its magnitude. But it was just enough time to cleanse the soul of Vegas.

Grand Canyon National Park is simply delightful in winter – enchanting even. And the Canyon is, needless to say, a great wonder of the world.

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  1. tillman said, on January 2, 2010 at 10:46 am

    great photos!

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