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Recommended reading: the poisoning of American politics

Posted in American Culture & Politics, Recommended Reading by humanb on October 3, 2009

Thom Friedman talks about the parallels between American political culture today and that of Israel circa 1995, when Rabin was assassinated. Friedman is something of a doomsayer. He always makes me fearful or depressed about the future if America doesn’t today make the correct, but impossibly difficult choice. If only he could instill such fear in Congress.

David Brooks seems to suggest that we needn’t be too alarmed by the right-wing media forces of vitriolic obstructionism. He claims they don’t represent his party.


More interesting: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina seems to echo Friedman’s sentiment, but he has been disingenuous, hypocritical and subversive in such echoes before. Recall that he had this to say after Obama’s excellent speech on health care to Congress.

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