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iPic: A flying fox no more

Posted in iPic, Sydney by humanb on September 28, 2009


You might find the occasional bat in an old house attic in my small town in Pennsylvania. Good luck seeing more than a small blur of black though.

And you would often hear a rustling in the trees that lined my Jerusalem neighborhood at night. But the noisemakers would never show their faces.

But Sydney –

This is the city of bats.

For me, the beginning of a Sydney summer is defined neither by the lengthening of days nor the blooming of the Jacaranda; but by the recommencing of the northern migration of the flying fox. Every summer day at dusk, the flying pack departs the Botanical Gardens to sweep across my window for northern parts unknown. I never see the return trip.

The poor fellow above seems to have fallen from a tree in the Eastern Suburbs. But this is the wrong season, the wrong setting, and the wrong outcome.  After last week’s red day of dust, I hope he doesn’t herald a deadly summer.

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  1. mike rankin said, on November 10, 2009 at 1:40 am

    i am sure the bats help keep the bush flies in check

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