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Day of the Comet (2009)

Posted in Sydney by humanb on September 24, 2009

Here are my obligatory shots from the now famous Sydney dust storm, sans Photoshop.

I was up at 6 am and notcied a deep red-orange glow seeping through the drawn shades.  I’ve got a harbour view of Fort Denison and the seascape was truly spectacular. Even more apocalyptic, however, was the look of my suburban street – once mundane in its well-manicured beauty – now mysterious. There’s nothing like a burnt sky to give the greens of eucalypt leaves, drably rendered brick homes, and hideous modern cars a look of otherworldliness.


At 7 am the commute through the city was eerie. The sparsely-populated streets were like the day after the Night of the Comet (1984). The eyes of those who still have time for beauty, or who still wonder, or who want something – anything – to change, looked heavenward.

Others just looked for the next bus to Bondi.

I was sad to see Sydney’s famous clear blue sky again. That’s the problem with Sydney. With the exception of that magical time that is dusk, on every day but 23 September (2009), it’s Pleasantville (1998).

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