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End of hiatus

Posted in American Culture & Politics by humanb on September 20, 2009

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I went on a blogging hiatus. So much has happened during that time about which I had plenty to say – most notably all things related to the US presidential election. Alas, I was too busy obsessive-compulsively reading every political tea leaf on every website and blog of whatever reliability, in my desperate need to know who would win the primaries and the general election before the actual results came in. Now I obsess about the poisoning of the US political climate since Obama took office and the state of the US economy, education system, infrastructure, and of course, health care system.

I suppose I was also too busy (or at least should have been) seeing to the business of med school, which I still haven’t finished. Now that I’m in my so-called clinical years, I’ve been presented with plenty of experiences to reflect upon. Here’s hoping I have the time to publish those and other reflections…

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