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Australia has an opinion

Posted in Australian Culture & Politics, The Expatriate Life by humanb on December 1, 2006

I know Americans who upon leaving the US for the first time, discover for the first time, what others think of us. They also discover for the first time, what America and Americans look like, when you are looking at a distance, and not around you.

Different Americans have different experiences when they travel. There are the obnoxious ones who reject all things American for all things new; the obnoxious ones who reject all things un-American for all things familiar; and my favorite group: the people who develop a new, more mature love of America – warts and all – and a new appreciation for another country.

The longer I am away from America, the more I see its failings, and the more I love it. And the longer I live in Australia, the more Rugby League I get to watch. Hoorah!

No, really, the more I appreciate it (especially from March to November).

For those Americans who don’t have the opportunity to leave our big, varied, exciting country, you can have the experience of travel in the blogosphere.

Here’s a short post I found interesting, funny, sad and illuminating, from one of Australia’s left-wing bloggers. This is no dissertation on US-Australia relations, nor a researched analysis on US foreign policy. Just a different voice. He writes sarcastically about Iraq from an Australian perspective. Before you get defensive, remember the Australians have been among our greatest and least noticed allies. They drafted their own men too, to follow us into Vietnam, and stay loyally at our side in Iraq.


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